This is a collection of articles from the manual in which small group work at kindergarten is described.
As different as the children, the kindergarten teachers and the framework and working conditions are, as different are the offers and projects described.
However, the aim is always to make use of the possibilities and advantages of small group work.

See: Advancement in Small Groups – Possibilities and Advantages


Project „Letters“ – Activity for Small Groups

Alena (4;6) Leading a Small Gymnastics Group

Alena (5;10) and a Small Group Are Becoming Experts of the Learning Workshop 

Murat and Our Project „My Body“ (German version)

Extraordinarily Talented Children at the English-Club (German version)

Rabbit, Dog and Black Rat – A Pet Project (German version)

The Theatre Play „Little Red Riding Hood“ (German version)

Soccer and Newspaper

Newspaper Club with Sarah (German version)

Three Boys Exploring Time (German version)

René (5;4) Is Learning How to Read (German version)

Janna and the Tale of a Princess (German version)

A Hen’s Egg

Pablo (4;5) Is Already Interested in Reading Too (German version)

Isabel (3;8) Finds Adequate Playfellows for Number-Games

Felix and His Photography 

Experiment „Vulcano“ 

A 3-Years-Old Girl Wants to Write (Abridged Version) (German version)

Three Little Girls Are the „Mind Group“ (German version)

„Peter and the Wolf“ and the Fine Arts

Experimenting with a Candle Flame


Selin Is Underchallenged (German version)

Mathematical Advancement in a Group of 2 (German version)

Experiments with Magnets

Making Friends in the Researchers‘ Club 

Number Detectives Are Taking Measurements (German version)

Club der starken Mädchen

Power Girls‘ Club

The Mountain Club (German version)

A Car Wash for Bobby Cars (German version)

Children Interpreting a Painting by Dalí

Chess Club

Five Children Form a Group and Follow Their Interests


Date of publication in German: 2021, February
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