Children at kindergarten are quite familiar with picture books, they are part of their everyday life and many children like them a lot.

To be creating a picture book of their own is a thrilling and complex process for children: drawing pictures to illustrate a story, maybe even making up the story themselves, writing a text themselves, making the book out of the single pages – and then to show it to others.

Quite a few children with advanced language skills, who have begun writing early on and who thereby display an outstanding talent for language, find a project on creating a picture book very exciting.

Younger gifted children will easily join in with older children in a small group, older gifted children may, however, have higher aspirations than their peers in age. This must be observed carefully.

The examples (yet to be added) show clearly how the children go about the making of a picture book in quite different ways.



Published in German: January 2012 /Version August 2021
Copyright © Hanna Vock, see Imprint
Translated by Arno Zucknick