Since 2003 the IHVO has been providing certificate courses in which professional personnel from kindergartens may acquire expertise and enhance their decision-making and responsibility in their effort to recognize and support gifted children adequately in kindergarten. These trainings are scientifically sound standing and a close interlocking of theory and practical implementation is guaranteed.

Duration: 2 years

Group size: 12-14 participants

This ensures good working conditions.

What will be accomplished in these 2 years?

  • There are six 2-day-seminars, each scheduled for Friday and Saturday.
  • Here we give theoretical input, accommodate for discussions and the exchange of experiences.
  • One additional day each, the participants sit in at a kindergarten and a primary school which actively practice the advancement of gifted children, or alternatively at a school nearby with which an intensified cooperation is sought.
  • Participants will develop projects in accord with the course teachers, conduct these in their kindergarten and reflect upon them in writing and in class.
  • Participants will complete written assignments on required reading.

IHVO Certificate:

Upon successfully completing the course participants will receive a certificate detailing their newly acquired skills and expertise and certifying them as

“Expert on the Advancement of Gifted Children in Kindergarten”.

In addition to the individual IHVO Certificate granted to the successful graduate of a course the IHVO also issues an IHVO Certificate for kindergartens which meet the IHVO-standards as an “Integrative Main Focus Kindergarten for the Advancement of the Gifted”

This will be granted to such kindergartens after having successfully completed the 2,5-year IHVO-project “Focus Kindergartens for the Advancement of the Gifted”. Further requirements concerning facilities, expertise and administration must be met in the course of the project for a kindergarten to be granted this certificate. The certificate is granted only on a temporary basis and requirements must be substantiated periodically. (The individual certificates granted to participating personnel in such projects will of course be permanent.)

Requirements for the participation in certificate courses:

Prospective participants should have completed a state-approved formal training as kindergarten teachers (individual exceptions may be made by the course administration)

and they should have worked in a kindergarten for at least two years.

Our fundament of experience:

  • Numerous certificate courses
  • Many, many „basic“ further trainings on the topic of „ Gifted Children in Kindergarten “
  • Many years of practical experience in kindergarten
  • Many years of aptitude- and intelligence-diagnosis
  • Numerous projects for bright and gifted children in and out of kindergarten
  • Many years of guidance for parents of gifted children
  • Sound implementation of quality management techniques

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Date of release in German: 2007, May 5 th
Translated by Arno Zucknick

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