by Hanna Vock


This manual is being created in close connection with the IHVO-Certificate-Courses titled „Advancement of the gifted in kindergarten“. When the courses were first introduced in 2003 it was necessary to engage in many methodological considerations and to conceive of methodological concepts, which at that time had not been developed or documented elsewhere. At first I was able to draw from my own ideas and experience. In the years since these concepts have been and continue to be constantly augmented and improved in cooperation with my colleague Barbara Teeke, as new suggestions and experience continue to arise in the course of our work as instructors. This is one source of the manual.

…in short…

New articles continually find their way into the manual. With these the ideas and experience of our staff as well as of the graduates of our Certificate-Courses are added. This is a step-by-step development of a methodology of the advancement of the gifted in kindergarten, giving impulses for discussions, conveying concepts and featuring practical ideas.

With the publication of the manual yet another source of good ideas may open up: suggestions and useful criticism by the readers. You can send your e-mail directly to . We apologize and ask you to understand that we may not always be able to answer every single mail.

We strongly focus our efforts on the realisation of our courses and projects for kindergarten teachers.

The manual will therefore grow steadily if a bit slowly.

Why not in print?

One of the reasons is: this manual has been conceived to be under permanent construction. You are not looking at a finished „book“ but at a snapshot of one being written. Many contributions are being planned, many are in preparation. The online form perfectly accomodates the continuous development and improvement of the manual.

It is therefore worthwhile to click on the manual every once in a while and check
New Entries to see whether new articles have been posted.


Date of publication in German: May 5 th, 2007.
Translated by Arno Zucknick