by an IHVO graduate (kindergarten teacher)


Bastian (6;1), who is very articulate, knows a lot and wants to know a lot, clearly rejected strangers. He also tried to avoid larger groups of people (more than five people); this could look like Bastian not entering a room with strangers or many people, insulting the people or hiding.

Bastian has a very close relationship with Nicola, his best friend, but he did not make any closer contact with most of the children in the group for years.

In the course of the „What flies, rides and swims?“ group, Bastian’s social behaviour changed.

The group of eight children, which seemed suspicious to him at the beginning, became more and more a community in which he felt comfortable, in which he could make new experiences … and show off … could show off.

He enjoyed explaining things to the other children and the children of the AG listened to his mostly very vivid descriptions with pleasure.

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Towards the end of the AG time, he even began to help and motivate younger children.
For example, he suggested to a 3-year-old girl that she reshape her lump of modelling clay, which kept sinking in the water.
When it came to creating a car out of a large cardboard box, there was a huge rush, everyone wanted to paint the box – but Bastian let younger children go first.

I can’t say for sure to what extent Bastian’s changed behaviour is a result of the AG work; in any case, Bastian now reacts more relaxed to strangers and situations. In addition, he now allows other children to be close to him and to make contact with him, and his circle of friends has increased.
Such positive changes in behaviour could also be seen in other participants of the workshop, especially in the „kindergarten newcomers“ who were still very shy at the beginning.


Date of publication in German: February 2014
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