There is no debate among experts as to the question whether it is wise to recognize children’s talents early on. Chapter 2.1 provides methodological tools to the kindergarten teacher which are helpful in raising his/her alertness with regard to higher abilities. It is a matter of fact that experienced pre-school teachers, who have been sensitized to giftedness, can safely judge whether a child disposes of special if not possibly very high abilities.

This early detection in close and trusting collaboration with parents is rather valuable. It may contribute decisively to the preclusion of the children’s permanent boredom, and by the same token it may be instrumental in saving children from the overburdening by their parents mistaken belief that they are gifted and subsequent expectations when they are really not.

Chapter 2.2 deals with questions around the issue of tests, which may in many cases not be necessary, while in many other cases they may be helpful. Unfortunately the translation of these articles is presently on hold for lack of funds.