Firstly, the many gifted and particularly talented children I have met and worked with have made it possible. Their peculiarities, their ideas and their constantly astonishing play and learning needs were and are the driving force behind this manual. Thanks also to the many open-minded parents.

Secondly, the many committed kindergarten teachers who have intensively dealt with possibilities for advancement and integration in kindergarten in the IHVO certificate courses (and also after receiving their certificates) have made it possible. Their creative ideas and projects, which they have comprehensibly described and explained in their written papers, are an essential part of the manual.
Thirdly, financing is important.

I would like to express my thanks for this:

– the Imhoff Foundation Cologne, which in 2003-2005 not only supported the first certificate course for the advancement of gifted children in kindergarten, which took place in Germany at all, but also supported further IHVO certificate courses and projects as well as team training and parent counselling discussions in Cologne.

– the Youth Welfare Office of the German City of Remscheid, because it made the first project „Integrative Focus Kindergarten of Gifted Pre-School Children“ financially possible,

– the Peters-Beer-Foundation in the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Donors‘ Association for the Promotion of Humanities and Sciences in Germany), which financially supported certificate courses and projects of the IHVO as well as the conceptual design of the manual from 2007 to 2010.

– the participants of our courses who have paid all or part of the remaining participation fees themselves,

– and kindergartens who have paid all or part of the participation fees.

The ideational support provided by numerous people has been and remains to be important.

Thank you very much!

Hanna Vock

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Publication in German: 2007, May
Translation: Arno Zucknick