All children’s names have been changed

Example from Edith Baur

When she was two years old, Lara said: „Mum, I don’t want a nappy anymore“, and from then on she really didn’t need one. Another example I experienced with her was when she (at the age of 4) came back to the daycare center from the Christmas holidays with a single plait. Before that she had two side braids (she called them „Pippi Longstocking braids“). When I saw her in her new hairstyle, I said that she looked very pretty in it. She said: „Yes, I only wanted one more.“

Date of publication: April 2020

Example from a family (anonymous)

Pete (2;10) had been invited by a girl to visit her on her 4th birthday. He gladly accepted and then really liked the party. Two months later he was invited by a 3 years old boy for his birthday party. After the mother had read out the invitation to him he declared: “I’m not going.” – “Why not?” – “Max isn’t my friend.” He stuck to it and didn’t go.
Published in German: April 2011

Example by Dorit Nörmann, Wietzen

Sabine (3;0) attentively observed the other children go to the toilet. In her second week at the kindergarten her mother, somewhat worried, reported that Sabine would by no means put on a diaper and was therefore bringing a bag of extra clothes. Sabine then saw her mother off impatiently and after a short tour of the room immediately proceeded to the toilet. There she took care of her business all by herself.

I must be noted here that she never just pulls down the suspenders of her flap trousers but always opens both buckles. (“Because I can!”)

On her first day of this self-imposed “training for cleanliness” Sabine was often to be found in the washroom or the toilet. She appeared rather happy about acquiring this new skill. Since that day she has never again needed a diaper.

Data of publication in German: May 12th, 2010

Example by Sabine Handke, Frankfurt/M.

I remind Johannes (4;5) that the day before, we had agreed to play in the games corner together. Johannes decides that he is first going to finish the tower, he is in the middle of building, and will then come upstairs to the games corner. Half an hour later, no further notice necessary, he appears upstairs. He is quite clear about what he wants to be playing.

All in all Johannes attaches great value to self-determination; he is able to make agreements with other children or with grown-ups and abide by them.

He paces himself and knows to clearly phrase his goals.

Date of publication in German: February 2nd, 2010

Examply by Inge Förster, Aachen

Felix, when certain about a situation, expects that his judgement be taken seriously. If he encounters opposition, especially when expressed by adults, he reacts physically, climbs up on the person or punches the person lightly, commenting: “ But I was only joking.”

Date of publication in German: February 2nd, 2010